waterproofing & Crack sealing

each concrete structure requires a unique solution 

We have extensive experience across a broad range of waterproofing and sealing projects, which has allowed us to become experts in identifying the most effective product and application for each site.  By staying manufacturer trained and certified on the industries leading products we are trusted to perform beyond expectations.      

Permanent Repair of Cracks in Reservoir Roof Structures Utilizing Sika Corporations Sikadur 55 SLV

Goleta Water Reservoir

Existing concrete tank leaking considerable quantities of potable water Repair items consisted of: Sandblast to clean and prepare surfaces. Remove and replace existing joint sealant with SikaFlex

Repair of crack network by Epoxy Injection Process.

Furnish and apply CIM 1061 Liquid Applied Liner. Product is applied in 4 steps. Including Primer, Spot patching of minor defects, followed by 2 coat application of flexible lining


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