structurally repair cracks & voids

preserve and strenthen damaged concrete and wood members    

We have preserved countless structures for future use by employing the use of epoxy injection techniques.  Our expert technicians are factory trained in multiple product lines, which allows us to find the most effective solution for each unique situation.    

Preserve existing structures for the future


Epoxy Injection is a system for re-welding cracks back together. This re-welding structurally restores the original strength and loading capacity designed into the concrete. Epoxy injection creates an impervious seal against air, water, chemicals, debris and other contamination.  

    • The process involves:

    • Setting porting devices over the cracks at a spacing of 4-12 inches depending on the thickness of the member being repaired.

    • Placing the epoxy cap seal around the ports contains the resin, preventing leakage during injection process.

    • Injecting with epoxy.

    • Removal of ports and cap seals after curing.

 Northeast Valley Animal Services Center - Floor coating following epoxy repair process.



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