Carbon Fiber Structural Strengthening

M W D Sepulveda Feeder Repair
108" inch pressurized Reinforced Concrete Pipeline

Electromagnetic inspection of existing pipeline had determined that prestressing wires had broken,and pipeline was in need of urgent repair.

Repair method chosen was to line pipe sections with Carbon Fiber due to speed of repair. This pipelinewas crucial to supply drinking water to portions of the City of Los Angeles. The pipeline is located under
Haveynhurst Ave.

Access to the pipeline was through existing manholes. Pipe sections were located approximately 14' feet to 20' below surface grade.

Surface Preparation was accomplished by sandblasting. Correct surface profile was required to insure excellent bond by epoxy.

Sika Carbon Fiber 103c was the installed product.

Fabric saturator was installed in a box van to aid in moving to the three separate pipe repair locations. Van would aid crew during periods of inclement weather.

All adjacent pipe sections were masked to protect surfaces from splash and spillage.

Precise de-humidification and temperature control is necessary to insure a safe work environment and for material curing in the required shut-down period 

Special segmented work platforms were fabricated to provide access to entire circumference to enable continuous carbon fiber layers. The platforms had to fit down the 36" diameter manholes, and span the entire 20' foot pipe section length.

                    This project was completed on-time and on budget.


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