preparation, no collateral damage, enviormentally sound

a smart alternative to more invasive options

Using High-Pressure Water we can remove paint, deteriorated concrete and other coatings to prepare surfaces to receive new shot-crete or paint. Replaces sandblasting as an effective method of paint removal. Also eliminates environmental concerns of any airborne dust, grit and paint.

Use water blasting for construction projects when you need to demolish all or part of an existing structure. By using water blasting methods rather than a concrete saw and jackhammer, we are able to remove the unsound concrete without causing micro-fractures in the surrounding area.

Water-blasting cleans and prepares the reinforcing steel without damage. Saving the existing reinforcing rods saves the expense of replacement. The savings is not just in the material cost, but also the cost of labor to install the new reinforcement steel.

Utilizing high pressure (up to 40,000 psi) and low volume of water to remove paint, scale, coating, etc from concrete and steel. This method is suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

Removal of existing unbonded shot-crete on the digester tank.

40,000 psi deck cleaning unit providing proper profile prior to overlay application.

Profile of concrete. Note texture is open allowing for bond of subsequent coating.


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